A group of German students at FHTE have been working on a comprehensive history of telecommunications. I find their timeline a particularly useful way to navigate through their site.

The Norwegian Telecom Museum's website is worth a visit for obtaining further background material.

Another resource is the Media History Project - good for lots of useful links elsewhere on the world wide web.

Don't forget the Science Museum websites.

You may also want to take a look at Bramblyte School's questionnaires. These were created by students for visitors to the Telecommunications Gallery. 

Alternatively, you might want to view a year 5 student's project researched at the Telecommunications Gallery.


Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia contains a series of concise articles on telecommunications. Well worth a read. 

Compton's Encyclopedia has a very thorough article on radio.

You may also want to examine the communications collage contained in Microsoft Encarta. For the busy teacher, I have provided a series of questions which can be answered by investigating the collage.


Puzzlemaker is always worth a visit if you want to create word-searches and other activities. A sample word-search for you to print and use is provided here.

Argosphere's free resource pages include an online quiz generator. A useful tool for those teachers who don't like to get their hands dirty messing around with javascript. 

Sneaky teachers will have already realised that the individual letters from the code gallery pages can be saved onto a disk to make up your own messages. To make this even easier, the Semaphore and Flag Alphabet symbols have been collected together in zip files to download quickly. The pictures are in windows metafile format, so they can be resized without any loss of quality.

Finally, there are also pages of ideas for teachers using this site and some random planning ideas that couldn't fit anywhere else. 


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