The future is now!

The computer has transformed the world of telecommunications. First valves, then transistors, now microchips. Each new generation of computers has been cheaper and more powerful than the last.

Satellites and optical fibres allow greater amounts of data to be sent to their destinations in an instant.

The internet is becoming an essential part of modern life. However, in the same way that the telephone replaced and improved upon the telegraph, the internet enhances the telecommunications tools we are familiar with. People use it to send greetings cards, telephone their friends, transmit faxes and listen to the radio

What Next?

Imagine you can see into the future. How do we communicate with eachother? How have the changes in telecommunications technology affected society? What benefits have further improvements in telecommunications brought? What are the drawbacks of the new inventions?

If your imagination needs a kick-start, take a look at this list of possible ideas.


Alternatively, to get you thinking, try the instant story creator to start your tale of times to come.


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